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But her mother came in as she always did. She asked Cat if she was ready for sleep. Cat lied, said she was. Her mother kissed her forehead, then turned out the light. Cat could still make her out in the darkness, and smell her, a combination of perfume and sweat and fatigue from a long day. She said, “Your father and I gave you Kyle, and gave you to him, so that you two would always have each other. So that your whole lives there’d be someone there for you. Him for you and you for him. ” But she hadn’t stuck.

And so now Cat needs money. She’s supporting a son, with little help from the boy’s father, and apparently the brokering of mortgages is no gravy train. Cat lives where she and Kyle grew up, Detroit, and Kyle finds this a little sad, as though his sister can’t imagine or manage more. She wanted $5,000. Kyle sent her eleven, the maximum tax-free gift he could make. She called to thank him. Kyle was looking out his office window, down to the green fields of Stuyvesant High, where a couple of kids were messing around with a football in the August heat.

There must be something he could do that would feel important. Of course, nothing would pay more, and if capitalism puts such a high price on what he does, he must be missing its import. He and Caputo switch elevators and he thinks of Siobhan. Maybe after breakfast he’ll go back with McHugh and visit her floor, maybe ask her to dinner. At the very least he’ll get a look at her. He always liked doing that. Right here they should be passing her floor. There’s a slight shimmy in the elevator, or maybe he’s feeling his life shift.

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