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By Martha E. H. Rustad

It is time for track classification! Are you prepared to sing the nationwide anthem? have you learnt the tale at the back of this recognized track? It tells approximately how the yankee flag survived a conflict. subscribe to Ms. Hill's classification as they research who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner," what the phrases suggest, and why we sing it.

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National character might change and perceptions of justice might also change, and hence, as Mill freely admitted, new notions of liberty and justice could emerge through education and changes in public opinion. Is it possible to say that Mill was a socialist? In the concluding section I begin with the passage from the Autobiography (CW i. 239) where he referred to Harriet Mill and himself as socialists. After considering those who believe that there is no clear answer to this question and those who believe that there is, I provide an answer by again criticizing the view that Mill was a public moralist and might be expected to take a stand and provide a clear answer to such an issue.

Williams depicts this liberty in terms of ‘individuals exercising and developing their powers’, but he then finds it inadequate to believe that freedom of speech will deliver the truth involved in the exercise of human powers. I have already suggested that for Mill it is not liberty that assists in the emergence of truth, but truth, via the Socratic dialectic, that assists the emergence of liberty. Furthermore, this truth-based liberty works only indirectly in politics, as it is mainly confined to the cultivation of active character in society.

But Mill was not opposed to some forms of religion, and developed the idea of a religion of humanity. In their correspondence we find Mill remarkably frank concerning his reticence about discussing religion in his publications and, indeed, his avoidance, wherever possible, of any reference to religion. We see here how Mill’s sensitivity to English national character allowed him to support Comte’s publications in France but to oppose their translation and publication in English. Even the much-admired Cours suffered in this respect.

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Can You Sing "The Star-Spangled Banner"? by Martha E. H. Rustad

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