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By Naomi Neale

ISBN-10: 0505526611

ISBN-13: 9780505526618

After spending so much of her twenties in limboworking at seasonal jobs and relationship a chain of commutement-challenged mentwenty-eight-year-old Nan Cloutier is decided to allow cross of her prior and current hurts, discover a everlasting activity, and fall in love with the precise guy.

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Only it came out sounding more like chormed. My heart sank at the accent. It was unfair that the girl should be beautiful, well-clad, and British. Then again, Emmett really liked his accents, damn him. " Jack asked, leaning forward to gawk at the girl. " Maya leaned forward and put her chin in her hand, fascinated. " Erkshully. From the emphasis she gave it, I gathered the west was supposed to outclass any other directions. "Wicked witches come from the west too, you know," I muttered to Ambrose, soft enough so that no one else should have heard me.

All afternoon, visitors to Mercer-Iverson had lined up by the hundreds to sit their children on our Christmas Grinch's lap. Lucky me—my job required being nice to all of them. The evil overlords of Who-ville demanded compulsory cheeriness, including to sleepy-looking girls and their lecherous grandfathers. I was even luckier because Mercer-Iverson had seen fit to stuff its seasonal workers into uniforms that brought a new dimension to the word tights. The millennial fabric squeezing all oxygen from my bloodstream seemed to have been genetically modified with the DNA of a boa constrictor.

He had retreated a couple of steps. "All that teasing's so unfair," I said. " "Too many times. " He sounded incredulous. Not, I suspected, at the length of the time, but more at the notion that anyone could resist him for so long. Once again he wrapped his arms around me. "Friendship hug, friendship hug," he swore, when he felt me tense up. Damien kept his hands squarely around my middle, away from any dangerous spots. "No wandering fingers," I warned. He rocked me in front of the mirror, his head over my shoulder.

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