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2. When was the first section of the Erie Canal opened? 3. Where did the name Erie come from? 4. Where are the most ancient canals located? 5. In what year did the full length of the Erie Canal open? 46 GLOSSARY aqueduct (AK-whu-duhkt): structure that carries a canal across another body of water bond (bahnd): paper that represents money owed; sold to raise money that will be paid back in the future with dividends civil engineering (sivuhl en-juh-NEER-ing): branch of engineering that involves design and construction, especially of public works such as roads, canals, dams, and utilities commissioner (kuh-MISH-uhn-er): member of a commission; group of people assigned to perform a duty escarpment (is-KAHRP-muhnt): long cliff or steep slope produced by erosion or earthquake activity hydraulic (hye-DRAW-lik): relating to water or other moving liquid investor (in-VEST-uhr): person who commits money to earn additional money lock (lahk): enclosure with gates used to raise or lower boats moving through a waterway revolution (rev-uh-LOO-shuhn): turning; the time it takes to make a complete turn spillway (SPIL-way): passage for surplus water to run over or around a dam or other obstruction territory (TER-i-tor-ee): geographical area; in the United States, an area under its control, with a separate legislature, but not yet a state 47 INDEX Bates, David S.

38 HOW THE POPULATION CHANGED Governor Clinton worked hard to convince the New York legislature to fund the Erie Canal. ” This prediction came true. In 1829, 3,640 bushels of wheat came down the canal from Buffalo, and after only 12 years, the figure had increased to one million bushels. Meanwhile the population of New York City had grown from about 200,000 in 1825 to almost 700,000 in 1850. The canal was influential in the quick growth of New York State. Genesee River view, New York, 1914. 39 In the 20th century, the canal network became more of a recreational and historic resource than a transportation corridor.

44 REFERENCE The Erie Canal System Historic Mileage Chart Passengers were charged one cent per mile in 1830. To and from Albany and Buffalo, by the Erie Canal Passengers by the Canal will reach Buffalo from Albany, or Albany from Buffalo, if travelling by line boat, in about six days. The usual rate of fare is 1 cent per mile, without, or 1½ cents with board. Traveling by packets, passengers from and to Buffalo and Schenectady arrive in about 3½ days. No packets ply between Albany and Schenectady.

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