Build Your Own Custom PC by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes PDF

By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes

ISBN-10: 0471760994

ISBN-13: 9780471760993

Why do they load up a laptop with belongings you don't desire and depart off the stuff you really need? do not take it anymore! seize a screwdriver and allow those specialists help you construct the computer of your goals, whether you've got by no means cracked a case sooner than. you are going to discover ways to decide upon the proper elements, set up them correctly, try out your process, locate the simplest costs on elements, or even trick out your new desktop with a few cool tweaks and mods. lots of illustrations and step by step instructions make it effortless, and also you simply may well make your pockets chuffed, too.

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31 Choosing a Suitable Case and Power Supply L et’s begin our tour of the parts you’ll need to buy and handle during your PC build project. The first item you need? A case and power supply for your PC. A PC’s case might seem like one of its most unimportant elements, and it is by far the most overlooked, underestimated PC component (and yes it is a component, just as much as the CPU is or a hard drive). When most people think of a PC case, they think only of the box that holds all the other parts of the PC together in one convenient unit.

Now that most of us have shifted from magnetic media to optical media (such as CDs or DVDs), we’re far less careful about such things. It’s true that taking a magnet near a working PC won’t cause massive damage to it. A magnet might make the screen display go funny, and you might have to switch the monitor off and back on again a few times to dissipate the magnetic field by a process called degaussing, which occurs every time you switch on a monitor (tube-based monitors, not the newer flat panels), but it’s not likely to cause any long-term damage or data loss.

Somewhere there probably exists some dull and dusty document that specifies that an “IBM compatible” PC had to use Phillips screws. This specification was probably handed down and over time it’s just become an accepted part of PC building. In Chapters 10, 13, and 14 when we come to look at the screws that hold a PC together, you’ll find that there is a lot more to this story! FIGURE 2-1: You will need both a Phillips head screwdriver (left) and a straight-edged screwdriver (right). Because of this cam out, over the years a number of other screws and screwdriver that make use of a cross-shaped slot have been patented.

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