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By Christos N. Gage

What must have been an easy exorcism becomes a catastrophe for Buffy and the Scoobies while, rather than horrors, a demon fights again with pleased adolescence fantasies!

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It's screwed up," Rebecca said, turning away from the bookshelves. "It's over. " Nevetski gave her his patented glare of anger. Even Blaine looked as if he were finally about to snap at her. Jack said, "Take your time. Find whatever you need. You won't be in our way. We've got a lot of other things to do here. Come on, Rebecca. " Page 63 He didn't even glance at Rebecca because he knew she was giving him a look pretty much like the one Blaine and Nevetski were giving her. Reluctantly, Rebecca went into the hall.

The only reason my dad can afford it is because there was my mother's insurance money and the out-of-court settlement with the hospital that killed her. You think I wanted my mother dead just so I could come to Wellton? Cripes. Holy crimes! You think I wouldn 't give up Wellton in a snap if I could only have my mother back? You creepy, snot-eating nerds! Do you think I'm glad my mother's dead, for God's sake? You stupid creeps! What's wrong with you? But she didn't scream at them. She didn't cry, either.

She's a real looker. " "Inside. But I doubt she'll be much help. " Standing tall in the shifting wind, her coat still unbuttoned, Rebecca said, "Nevetski and Blaine? " "Narcotics," Harry said. " Rebecca asked. "Better not put it quite like that when you talk to them," Harry warned. "They're touchy as hell about it. I mean, it wasn't just the two of them. They were in charge of a six-man team, watching all the entrances to the house. Had the place sealed tight. But somehow somebody got in anyway, killed Vastagliano and his bodyguard, and got out again without being seen.

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