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By Frank Janrae

ISBN-10: 1588736091

ISBN-13: 9781588736093

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Charas did not trade to the north and little traffic came down this road. Despite the shade and the freakish snowstorm–that could only be an enchantary working–on the hottest day of summer, heat simmered along the road. Isranon felt the heat more strongly the further he got from the moment of Anksha's feeding. At midday the company paused to rest the horses. Isranon dismounted, sliding and falling from the saddle as both his grip on the pommel and his foot in the stirrup gave. Instantly Nevin was beside him, supporting him, holding him a moment more than was necessary as if fearing to let him go.

Your ancestor, Waejonan, stole or ordered stolen," Nevin growled. " Mephistis nodded, his eyes downcast. "We do not have it. Waejonan took it… or rather one of Dawnhand's people betrayed him and stole it at Waejonan's orders. It was stolen from us. No one knows where it is. " Mephistis nodded again and left them. Then the two lycans, in wolf form, slept with Isranon. He drifted in and out of drugged slumber, weeping for his loss, but by morning he had built his castle again and withdrawn into it, finding that armored center of reason, acceptance and discipline.

His pride demanded he try to ride, but he did not want to–he wanted to stay in those comforting arms. Amiri's golden-haired nibari, Randilyn, moved her horse closer to ride beside them and smiled at him. "If anyone can help you, it's my master Amiri," Randilyn said, using the Sharani form of address, which was to apply male titles to both genders. Help me. Can anyone help me? Isranon relaxed against Amiri, worried that they would think badly of him for it and grateful at the same time. I did this for my prince, and my prince is dead.

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