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A robust debut novel of friendship, love, and relatives set within the segregated pre-Civil battle South. "This is a promise bridge, and it bridges a promise flowing out of your middle to mine. It cannot by no means be damaged. .. the promise is a part of you currently, comprehend. " therefore starts an not going friendship among Hannelore Blessing, a plantation mistress, and a slave lady named Livie.

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A boy stole a kiss from me on the playground once. I think we were in second grade. " "I know what you mean," Kara said. " "It was supposed to be in fun," Jaz said. "All us girls were shrieking like we were being attacked by a bunch of rabid dogs, but really I think most of us wanted to be caught once we realized what was going on. I mean, it was harmless. " "A real butt," Jaz agreed. "Timmy Grayson. He was the first guy to try and kiss me. I led him on a short chase through the swing sets and behind a nearby bush.

If she'd been eating, she might have choked. " "Hey, it's a natural question," Kara said defensively. "Someone's gotta ask it. Myself, I can go either way. I don't mind listening to someone else go first, except on nights I'm getting up super-early. " Jaz was certain she was blushing from head to foot. She couldn't figure out a way to respond that wouldn't be an admission of what Kara was suggesting. And it was no use denying it as Jaz suspected Kara had put two and two together after overhearing Jaz during her own shower.

But I'm not... " "Roomie," Kara said, "you don't know what you are yet. " Kara laughed as if Jaz were a cute, confused little kitten. "Roomie, that was nothing. " "Something you do in the passion of the moment. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to even give a second thought. " Jaz thought about that. A bliss kiss? That certainly relieved her of having to sort out the strange tingling and arousal she felt, the moistness flooding her pussy. If that's how Kara wanted to play it, she supposed she could live with it.

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