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By Ann E. Killebrew

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Historic Israel didn't emerge inside a vacuum yet quite got here to exist along quite a few peoples, together with Canaanites, Egyptians, and Philistines. certainly, Israel's very proximity to those teams has made it tricky - beforehand - to tell apart the archaeological lines of early Israel and different modern teams. via an research of the consequences from contemporary excavations in mild of proper historic and later biblical texts, this booklet proposes that it's attainable to spot those peoples and hint culturally or ethnically outlined barriers within the archaeological checklist. positive factors of overdue second-millennium B.C.E. tradition are severely tested of their historic and biblical contexts with a view to outline the advanced social limitations of the early Iron Age and reconstruct the varied fabric global of those 4 peoples. Of specific price to students, archaeologists, and historians, this quantity can also be a regular reference and source for college kids and different readers attracted to the emergence of early Israel

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An increasing number of Near Eastern historians and archaeologists have appropriated elements of the Annates approach to the past. Mario Liverani's (1973; 1987) insightful historical reconstructions of the ancient Near East are heavily influenced by the Al1l1ales tradition. Among archaeologists working in the Levant, A Bernard Knapp (1992a; 1992c; 1993) has been the most passionate proponent of this school of thought, and his work reflects an Annales approach in his analysis of Bronze Age society in the Levant.

Goldman 1963, 93-95; Yakar 1993, 17-18). E. However, the available evidence seems to indicate that the islands of the Dodecanese, especially Rhodes and Kos, were important centers during the Late Helladic HIB and mc periods. The key site in the Dodecanese is Ialysos, on the island of Rhodes, where an extremely rich cemetery dating to the Late Helladic mc period was excavated (Maiuri 1923-24; Jacopi 1930-31). In addition to the large assemblage of Mycenaean mc pottery, gold and silver ornaments and objects of steatite, agate, amethyst, carnelian, ivory, and faience, as well as bronze objects such as mirrors, THE AGE OF INTERNATIONALISM 31 knives, and an axehead found in these tombs, attest to the great prosperity of Ialysos during the Late Helladic mc period.

Hall 1995, 6-17; 2002; N. Spencer 1995, 28-42, who examine ethnicity and culhlral boundaries in early Iron Age Greece. For the region of the Near East, see Kamp and Yoffee's classic 1980 discussion of ethnicity in the Near East and Redmount's articles defining ethnicity based on the archaeological evidence from Tell el-Maskhuta in the Egyptian Delta (1995a; 1995b). 21. , London 1989a, 37-55; Bunimovitz 1990, 210-22; Dever 1993a, 22*-33*; 1995a, 200-13; Bunimovitz and Yassur-Landau 1996,88-101; Edelman 1996,42-47; Finkelstein 1997, 216-37; for an overview of the problem, see Small 1997, 271-88; Sparks 1998, 1-22.

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