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By Joseph Lepgold, Miroslav Nincic

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The space among lecturers and practitioners in diplomacy has widened lately, in keeping with the authors of this publication. Many diplomacy students now not try and achieve past the ivory tower and lots of policymakers disdain diplomacy scholarship as arcane and beside the point. Joseph Lepgold and Miroslav Nincic show how reliable diplomacy idea can tell coverage offerings. Globalization, ethnic clash, and ecological threats have created a brand new set of concerns that problem policymakers, and state of the art scholarship can give a contribution very much to the prognosis and dealing with of probably explosive occasions.

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Quite the contrary, it is often helpful to know, particularly if the goal is policy-relevant knowledge, how the outcome was generated, whatever its trigger. We nonetheless believe that the ability to explain in this manner assumes that we have in mind some general and lawlike statement relating the mechanism in question to the occurrence of some event. Plainly, we cannot assume that the mechanisms leading from cause to effect operate in an ad-hoc manner. It is the regularity with which the mechanism produces the effect (given certain antecedent conditions) that allows us to invoke it as a basis for explanation.

Instrumental 2 Relevance The meaning of instrumental relevance may be illustrated with reference to the link between a specific type of foreign policy instrument and a specific category of foreign policy ends. The use of economic coercion as a tool of statecraft illustrates how sound instrumental knowledge could benefit policymakers. S. 4 Sanctions include such policy levers as foreign assistance reductions and cutoffs, export embargoes and import boycotts, the freezing of target actors’ assets, increases in tariffs, reductions in import quotas, and revocation of most favored nation (MFN) trade status.

5 This observation leads naturally to the question of what sanctions can do, and the further question of when they work. 6 There is broad agreement that to change a target state’s behavior, that target should not be able to absorb the costs of the disrupted relationship more easily, or for a longer period of time, than the initiator. This will depend in part on the objective magnitude of the economic benefits foregone on the two sides. It will depend on the domestic vulnerability of the respective governments, as this may determine their ability to absorb the domestic economic and political impact of such losses.

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Beyond the ivory tower: international relations theory and the issue of policy relevance by Joseph Lepgold, Miroslav Nincic

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