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The authoritative info and suggestion you wish, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly! referred to as the ''Siamese struggling with Fish,'' the gorgeous Betta, with shiny colours and lengthy fins (in males), has mesmerizing attractiveness and style. but Bettas can struggle and chew, so you should maintain only one in a tank. This advisor is helping you with every little thing from getting ready in your Betta to holding an atmosphere the place it's going to thrive. It covers: * constructing an enticing aquarium * vegetation for the Betta tank * settling on non-aggressive tankmates * preserving a fit tank and fit fish * Feeding your Betta * Breeding your Betta retaining a Betta is the correct creation to retaining tropical fish, a soothing, profitable pastime every person can get pleasure from.

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The males of these families are easily recognizable by their gonopodium. This modified pelvic fin is used by the male to mate with the female. Most species of fish, including Bettas, lay eggs. Different egglayers have different reproduction strategies, some of which involve watching the eggs and even caring for the young. Rasboras, Catfish, and Loaches are all egglayers. with relish. Temperature and pH requirements are the same as for Bettas, making them good choices for tankmates. • • • The Harlequin Rasbora (R.

The body and the fin tips are the same color. The inner portion of the fins is a different color, which gives this Betta a striped appearance. Tankmates for Bettas For a truly splendid Betta tank, I prefer a design that mimics the Betta’s habitat, complete with fish and plants that might be found together in the wild. Despite the fact that male Bettas fight viciously among themselves, a single male Betta rarely bothers other fishes in the community aquarium. Bettas can be successfully kept with most peaceful species of fish.

Rocks Aquarium supply stores sell a variety of tank decorations that enhance the habitat for your fish. Some are plastic or ceramic creations and others are simply attractive rocks and stones. By buying these tank decorations from the dealer, you are avoiding contaminating your tank with toxic substances and water chemistry-modifying agents. qxp 3/8/06 12:15 PM Page 59 Chapter 5 Ready for Setup until you know how to identify each TIP kind and its influence on your Always lift an aquarium by placing aquarium.

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