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In Axis of Glory, Dan Lioy conducts a biblical and theological research of the temple motif as a conceptual and linguistic framework for knowing Scripture. His research takes a clean examine the subject, assesses a consultant staff of the Judeo-Christian writings during the a variety of prisms of secondary literature, and provides a synthesis of what appears to be like within the biblical information. the writer notes that references and allusions hooked up with the temple motif crisscross the total literary panorama of Scripture. an extra discovering is that the presence of the shrine thought is similar to a sequence of rhetorical threads that subscribe to the material of God’s observe and weaves jointly its doubtless eclectic and esoteric narratives right into a richly textured, multicolored tapestry. the writer concludes that the Bible’s theocentric and Christocentric emphases are heightened of their depth and sharpened of their concentration because of the temple motif making its means throughout the pages of the sacred textual content, starting with the hole bankruptcy of Genesis and finishing with the ultimate bankruptcy of Revelation.

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Archaeological research indicates that he was the “product of an advanced culture” and representative of the “upper-class patriarch of his day” (Harrison 1979a:1:17). God called Abraham at the age of 75 to leave everything that he found to be significant—his culture, his relatives, and his family (12:1, 4; cf. Merrill 1996:28–29; Millard 1992:1:35; Williamson 2003b:143–144). In short, the Lord directed an elderly man to leave the security of his homeland and set out for an unknown destination (cf.

At Bethel, the patriarch built another altar and again worshiped God (Gen 12:8). These sorts of actions were “like planting a flag and claiming the land” (Longman 2001:20) in fulfillment of what the Lord declared in His covenant (cf. Cassuto 1984:303; Pagolu 1998:54, 70). Furthermore, these “small-scale sanctuaries” anticipate the “larger-scale construction of Israel’s temple” (Beale 2004a:108). Next, Abraham continued south, where he settled for awhile (v. 9). Throughout the patriarch’s sojourn in Canaan, we find God’s blessing of creation now Lioy Axis of Glory:Axis of Glory 22 2/1/10 7:57 AM Page 30 Axis of Glory being carried forward to him as His sacerdotal vice-regent (cf.

5) Genesis 2:3 “and made it holy”. Exodus 40:9 “consecrate it and all its furnishings, and it will be holy”. Before proceeding any further, it is important to clarify that during the history of the Jewish people, there have been three temples built in the holy city, specifically, Solomon’s temple (cf. 1 Kings 6; 7:13–51; 2 Chron 3–4), Zerubbabel’s temple (cf. Ezra 1–6; Haggai 1–2; Zech 1–8), and Herod’s temple (cf. Matt 21:12–17; 24:1–2; Mark 11:15–17; 13:1–2; Luke 19:45–46; 21:5–6; John 2:13–22; 4:20–21; Barker 1991:5; Eliav 2005:2; Haran 1995:43–45).

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