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By Armand Borel

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This booklet offers an creation to a couple points of the analytic idea of automorphic types on G=SL2(R) or the upper-half airplane X, with appreciate to a discrete subgroup ^D*G of G of finite covolume. the viewpoint is galvanized through the idea of endless dimensional unitary representations of G; this can be brought within the final sections, making this connection particular. the subjects taken care of comprise the development of primary domain names, the idea of automorphic shape on ^D*G\G and its dating with the classical automorphic varieties on X, Poincaré sequence, consistent phrases, cusp kinds, finite dimensionality of the distance of automorphic sorts of a given kind, compactness of convinced convolution operators, Eisenstein sequence, unitary representations of G, and the spectral decomposition of L2(^D*G/G). the most must haves are a few leads to useful research (reviewed, with references) and a few familiarity with the straightforward conception of Lie teams and Lie algebras.

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A really primitive type of this monograph has existed for approximately and a part years within the type of handwritten notes of a direction that Alain Y ger gave on the collage of Maryland. the target, all alongside, has been to give a coherent photo of the just about mysterious function that analytic equipment and, specifically, multidimensional residues, have lately performed in acquiring potent estimates for difficulties in commutative algebra [71;5]* Our unique curiosity within the topic rested at the incontrovertible fact that the learn of many questions in harmonic research, like discovering all distribution strategies (or checking out no matter if there are any) to a process of linear partial differential equa­ tions with consistent coefficients (or, extra regularly, convolution equations) in ]R.

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V ^ oo, so y(V) is also a horodisc tangent to the real axis. Therefore y(V) intersects the horizontal line y = t. Since every point on y = t is the image of an element in C by some y G Foo, it follows that there exists y' such that y'(V) Pi C ^ 0, but this contradicts (2). This proves (3) and the proposition. 11 Some geometric definitions. Our last goal in this section is to construct and establish some properties of a fundamental domain for F when F\G has finite volume or, equivalently, when F\X has finite hyperbolic area.

A Siegel set has finite invariant measure. It suffices to see this when & is associated to 00. y~2 = r2. f dx < 00. J(o Similarly, a Siegel set in G has finite Haar measure. (b) Assume that u is cuspidal for F and that co contains an interval including a fundamental domain for FM on N. & = HUJ is a horodisc tangent to 3X at u. 8). Therefore, the projection 7r:Xp —> F\Xp is a finite-to-one mapping of {«} U & onto a relatively compact neighborhood of 7T(M), which is equal to ru\Hu,t. The sets {u} U & form a fundamental set of neighborhoods of u in F \X£.

Then Fz is isomorphic to a discrete subgroup of K and hence is finite cyclic, generated by an elliptic element. The point z is said to be elliptic for F. Let now z e 3X. Its isotropy group in G is a parabolic subgroup P. Let N = NP. (b) The point z is said to be cuspidal for F, or F-cuspidal, if FN = F D N ^ {1}. Then F# is infinite cyclic, generated by a parabolic element. We claim that F^ has index ^ 2 in FP := F D P. TN or FP is infinite cyclic, generated by an element in — N. In both cases, Fz' is equal to F^ and is infinite cyclic.

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