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A large number of trade and mining terms have been applied to the asbestos minerals. For example, names that have been used for crocidolite vary greatly with the variety and location: potential crocidolite, asteriated crocidolite, amorphous riebeckite rock, asteriated mass-fiber riebeckite, acicular crocidolite, griqualandite, and tiger-eye, not to mention the well known blue asbestos; the scientific mineralogical names are now the rule (686). [A] The crystalline structure of chrysotile is that of a layer of magnesium oxide-hydroxide octahedra bonded to a layer of silicon dioxide tetrahedra in somewhat mismatched fashion that produces a curvature in 33 34 2.

For rock wool 2 2 (lb/in. 073 kg/cm ) (see also 809). When chrysotile is heated to 300°C or above, the tensile strength is diminished; after 3 min at 650°C the strength may be reduced to one-third. Crocidolite may be durable up to 800°C (628). The tensile strength of tremolite and anthophyllite is generally weak. When rupture takes place, it is apparently due to failure of bonds between fibrils or molecular sandwiches, rather than disruption of those fundamental structures. Thermal Insulative Value The asbestos fiber itself does not have a low thermal conductivity, but when the fibers are separated they can trap air which has a very low conductivity and so provide insulation that, for heat flows in a constant direction, is comparable to that provided by similar materials made from other fibers.

In general, the amphiboles are less affected by acids than is chrysotile; with crocidolite, tremolite and anthophyllite the most resistant (Table 2 - 3 ) . Amosite and actinolite apparently show an intermediate reactivity. 80 a With kind permission of S. Speil. Amosite and actinolite are also somewhat susceptible to the action of strong alkalies, but the remaining asbestiform materials are resistant. The resistance of asbestos to reagents other than acids is good up to 100°C, but decreases rapidly at higher temperatures.

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