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I <3 U Dian Sastro :) A scanned PDF of the main recognized army handbook within the world! The person who well known on the net, basically retyped version from Gutenberg. In the following, you'll find the unique e-book. in addition to the Hanzi (Chinese Character).

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One might be tempted to render it by "morale," were it not considered as an attribute of the ruler in S 13. 5, 6. The Moral L a w causes the people t o be in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any danger. w, E, T h e original text omits -$ inserts an after each and omits after fi. Capt. Calthrop translates : "If the ruling authority be upright, the people are united" - a very pretty sentiment, but wholly out of place in what purports to be a translation of Sun Tzti.

121-134. 3 #$ Huang Ch'ao Ching Shih Wen Pien (1826), ch. 76, 77. T h e bibliographical sections of certain historical works also deserve mention: - a '& 3 Ch'ien Han Shu, ch. 30. 3 Sui Shu, ch. 32-35. @ 8 Chiu T'ang Shu, $ri )$jHsin T'ang Shu, ch. 46, 47. ch. 57-60. % @ Sung Shih, ch. 202-209. & T'ung Chih (circci I I so), ch. 68. T o these of course must b e added the g r e a t Catalogue of the Imperial Library: - a@& W #I& g. Ssu KLu Ch'iian Shu Tsung Mu TbiYao (17go),ch. 99, 100. I. LAYING PLANS.

8. @ @ W U Ch'i Ching, $ in I chiian. Attributed FCng Hou, with exegetical to the legendary minister notes by 2 Kung-sun Hung of the Han dynasty (d. C. I ~ I ) and , said to have been eulogised by the Ma Lung (d. D. 300). Yet celebrated general ,% the earliest mention of it is in the % Although a forgery, the work is well put together. ' Considering the high popular estimation in which i$j Chu-ko Liang has always been held, it is not surprising to find more than one work on war ascribed tc Shih Liu Ts'e his pen.

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