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That garish jingo lining to quite a worldly little bag of tricks is typical. In a mild way it is a case of cat and dog, for neither English nor American has a monopoly of prejudice, and I have seen Englishmen considerably more intelligent than Mr. Wilson display just as raw a chauvinism. On both sides this indicates the "big-shot" complex, which is of course a pity. It manifests the sublimest indifference to history, this applying, if anything, rather more to the English than to the American. Toward America the English stand in a very special rela­tionship.

A model American could only be dedicated to one thing; to building America, and building it big. It may be fanciful, but I think that Lincoln was a man of sufficient imagination to see that union was a political principle of universal worthiness, and universal application. He secured peace forever upon the North American continent. Even were Lincoln—a statesman, after all, a man of government—un­conscious of anything but the problems of force and power, uniquely American: and even if no American, past or present, had ever been aware of it, yet America's greatness as a state is in the interest of everybody; its continued union, and even peaceful expansion, everybody's affair.

This dialectic affinity is at the basis of all affirmation of that order. And "Party" ideally would be the mustering of opposite views, and opposite interests, in any given society in two distinct camps. In an ideal parliamentary democracy, the object would be, to reach a compromise between two radically opposite stand­points, by means of public debate, resolved by the method of voting upon the matter at issue. The entire nation would ad­here to one or other of these two conventional extremes. It would go to the ballot boxes to elect representatives upon one side and upon the other.

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