Alice Illustrated: 120 Images from the Classic Tales of by Jeff A. Menges PDF

By Jeff A. Menges

ISBN-10: 0486482049

ISBN-13: 9780486482040

Few books of the prior 2 hundred years have captured the mind's eye of illustrators as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has. the unique version of Lewis Carroll's 1865 masterpiece featured forty two woodblock engravings through John Tenniel. Created in shut collaboration with the writer, Tenniel's visions of the younger heroine and her remarkable encounters have been however the first of many interpretations of Wonderland. This compilation explores a century and a half exuberant, innovative creative conceptions of Alice's world.
More than a hundred pictures contain Tenniel's engravings, in addition to colour and black-and-white illustrations through Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Bessie Pease Gutmann, Margaret Tarrant, Millicent Sowerby, Milo wintry weather, Thomas Maybank, and so on. Editor Jeff Menges bargains remark at the illustrators and their paintings, and famous collector Mark Burstein stocks a bibliophile's point of view. a tremendous contribution to the heritage of contemporary publication representation, Alice Illustrated will satisfaction fanatics of English literature and children's books, creditors of Lewis Carroll's works, and enthusiasts of the nice illustrators.

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