James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)'s Aging. Biology and Behavior PDF

By James L McGaugh and Sara B. Kiesler (Eds.)

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Science 198:291-293. Mann, A. E. (1975) Pale ode mo graphic Aspects of the South African Australopithe eines. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Publications in Anthropology, No. 1. Moore, W. , and Lavelle, C. L. B. (1974) Growth of the Facial Skeleton in the Hominoidea. New York: Academic Press. Myers, R. E. (1978) Comparative neurology of vocalization and speech: Proof of a dichotomy. Pp. 59-73 in S. L. Washburn and E. R. , Human EvolutionBiosocial Perspectives. : Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co.

LIFE-SPAN EXTENSION 39 life-span potential because of its more clear implication that aging rate has truly been decreased. There is also a question of whether it is theoretically possible to extract biological aging data from actuarial data, particularly from the cross-sectional life-span tables (Maynard-Smith 1966, Lamb 1977). The problem is that of distinguishing the influence of environmental factors and other random components of survival in a population of many animals from the influence of the aging process determining the age-dependent probability of death of an individual animal.

3. LIFE-SPAN EXTENSION 35 More comparative studies are needed of animals having different innate potentials to maintain uniform health and vigor in captivity and in the wild (particularly for the primates) to determine the generality of these preliminary observations. As it now stands, these results strongly suggest that senescence is rarely found in animals living under natural conditions and is therefore likely to be undesirable and not to have been positively selected for during evolution. Instead, increased general health maintenance and resistance to disease leading to greater longevity appear to be selected factors, rather than processes causing further aging.

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