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By Jacquelyn Frank

ISBN-10: 142012546X

ISBN-13: 9781420125467

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A strong debut novel of friendship, love, and relatives set within the segregated pre-Civil conflict South. "This is a promise bridge, and it bridges a promise flowing out of your middle to mine. It cannot by no means be damaged. .. the promise is a part of you currently, comprehend. " hence starts off an not going friendship among Hannelore Blessing, a plantation mistress, and a slave woman named Livie.

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He hugged her tightly, hushing her softly against her ear when tears pricked at her eyes. ” she said brokenly. “I know. But we can’t focus on our regrets. We can’t wish for something that wasn’t. And where do we change the past, even if we could? If only Syreena had been protected? If only Nico had never drunk from Bella, giving him and Ruth the power to get to Syreena? If only we had killed Ruth long before she had met Nico? If only Ruth had never been born? I hate to say it, but Ruth was integral to the birth of the Mind Demon ability.

He was well aware the fifteen-year-old had been tuning out most of her lessons up until that point. “Yes. Adam. ” “But ... ” “Trust me, angel, I was very good friends with Adam. ” “But Uncle Kane never speaks of him,” she argued. No doubt, Elijah thought. Kane had not known Adam, having been born after Adam’s loss. Then again, the present Enforcer also avoided his niece whenever he could, so the opportunity for discussions about anything was nonexistent. The look flitting over Leah’s features told him that she was recalling that very same fact.

She liked the privacy of it for reading or for thinking. She sometimes liked to just let her mind wander into the pictures depicted around her, touching the shapes of the carvings, thinking about nothing really at all. But the problem with picking out favorite places was that after a while they weren’t all that secret. People learned of them. And to prove it, she heard the shuffle of a step around the corner. “Seth, I can hear you,” she sighed. Seth poked his head around the curve in the wall that had so poorly hidden him.

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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank

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