Actor (Virtual Apprentice) by Don Rauf PDF

By Don Rauf

ISBN-10: 0816067570

ISBN-13: 9780816067572

ISBN-10: 1438117728

ISBN-13: 9781438117720

Presents a behind-the-scenes examine appearing and the learning and know-how concerned, and profiles actors.

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A versatile actor gets more work, so it benefits young actors to stretch themselves. Don’t just learn to act—learn to sing and dance as well. Join in a musical production. Teach yourself to juggle or take a mime class. ) An actor’s training also involves staying in shape, because of the physical demands of the work. Certain roles require actors to perform under difficult conditions, such as flying in a harness above the stage, wading neck deep in water, or wearing incredibly uncomfortable costumes and makeup.

Then take turns picking a card from the pile and acting them out. 5:00 Rent a classic movie and study the performances. You can learn an enormous amount about acting by watching the masters at work. 57 VIRTUAL APPRENTICE: ACTOR ACTOR: FIELD REPORT If this is your book, use the space below to jot down a few notes about your Virtual Apprentice experience (or use a blank sheet of paper if this book does not belong to you). What did you do? What was it like? How did you do with each activity? Don’t be stingy with the details.

Here’s a “screen test” that may help you suss out your own star quality. Record your answers on a separate sheet and refer back to them after you land your first role. My larger-than-life personality is just perfect for the big screen! Some qualities that will make me stand out from all the other wannabe actors are: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ I have big dreams, but I’m realistic enough to know I’ll need to find a way to pay for all those head shots I’ll be printing up.

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Actor (Virtual Apprentice) by Don Rauf

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