Action Kylie by Kevin Killian PDF

By Kevin Killian

ISBN-10: 1934639001

ISBN-13: 9781934639009

Kylie Minogue, greater than muse, is okay. K.'s aesthetic m.o., his ammo. round her identify and photograph, he circulates the debris of his personal uncanny idiom, that is not like something in modern American poetry. Killian works each device within the band; he sneaks up in the back of that means, and makes it sing. by some means, in the course of defamiliarization, Killian's voice is still companionable and comforting. motion Kylie is a e-book i'll flip to while i need to recollect that literature can regenerate authenticity in addition to renege it. Killian performs with a number of rhetorics and codes, all within the pursuit of his personal university of motion Poetry, within which I want speedy to sign up. --Wayne Koestenbaum

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I don’t know. ” The waiter arrived and began to serve their food just then, and Ian didn’t respond to what she’d said. Michele was grateful for the reprieve, using it to try desperately to cope with these stunning, unexpected, and wholly unfamiliar feelings. She ate food she didn’t taste, bewildered by what had happened to her — and why it had happened. Why had it happened? Why had her chance encounter with Ian and the reckless act of having dinner with him sparked these wild surges of desire?

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He didn’t know what it meant, but he knew instinctively that something had been forever changed by it. ” She looked at him, faint color rising in her cheeks. ” He realized that she had felt him staring at her, that she was disturbed by the steady gaze. “The same,” he said, without the faintest idea of what he was agreeing to. Michele folded her hands over the menu and fixed her eyes on them. In a conversational tone, she said, “What we were talking about before is something neither of us can forget, you know.

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