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A note Fitly Spoken explores major poetic units in the 4 alphabetic acrostic psalms present in ebook I of the Psalter. the vast majority of scholarly opinion has been that those acrostics are poetically and artistically poor as a result of writers’ and editors’ preoccupation with the alphabetic trend. unlike this view, A observe Fitly Spoken proposes that the acrostic trend contributes to, instead of detracts from, the poetic artistry of those psalms. with the intention to advertise a holistic, canonical studying of the 4 acrostic poems inside of ebook I of the Psalter, this examine additionally examines the linguistic and grammatical connections in the textual content. the sort of shut analyzing many times demonstrates the emotive energy and the mind's eye of this literature in contradiction to its supposedly stiff, wood nature. A observe Fitly Spoken is attuned to the common performs on notice and sound that take place all through those 4 poems and as such will be worthy in graduate classes on biblical interpretation, Hebrew poetry, or the Psalms.

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The description of Yahweh’s destruction of the enemies continues in vv 5–6 with the repetition of enemy (byw)) in v 7 forming a nice inclusio structure. Within this inclusio the “enemies” are also identified as “the nations” (Mywg) and “the wicked” ((#$r). Back to the term bw#$, two observations are in order. 25 That is, in v 4 the reader has to wait until vv 6–7 to discover the full extent of A Word Fitly Spoken 28 the destruction of the wicked enemies (the nations). In v 18, however, there is additional information, a“heightening,”26 if you will, in connection with the “turning” of the psalmist’s adversaries.

The final chapter will consist of summary and conclusions. This chapter is the place where my study will further explore possible poetic and rhetorical links between the pairs delineated by Freedman. This final chapter will also offer suggestions of linguistic links between the pairs of acrostics that are not structurally parallel according to Freedman’s schema. Finally, additional areas for further study in connection with the Book I and Book V alphabetic acrostic will be suggested. ╬ CHAPTER TWO Psalm 9/10 T Introduction he focus of this chapter is specifically on the first acrostic psalm in the Psalter’s Book I—Ps 9/10.

One gets the impression that de’ Rossi does not consider this problem to be a seriously important issue. He concludes: “for my part, all this [the proposed solutions] does not satisfy me. ”42 Finally, the sixtieth chapter of de’ Rossi’s “Words of Understanding” section is the chapter most concerned with Hebrew poetics. He expresses an awareness of the contention of Philo, Josephus, Origen, and Jerome that Hebrew poetry is written in meter, but is dissatisfied with this approach. 44 What is most interesting for this study is the emphasis that de’ Rossi’s approach places upon the concepts or ideas represented by the words that are being counted.

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