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A precious quantity within the outstanding Scientists sequence, A to Z of Biologists makes use of the machine of biography for you to placed a human face on technology - a mode that provides immediacy to the prose for the excessive schooler who may need an curiosity in pursuing a profession in biology. This complete survey positive factors greater than one hundred eighty entries and 50 black-and-white photos. every one profile makes a speciality of a selected biologist's study and contributions to the sphere and his or her impression on scientists whose paintings undefined. Their lives and personalities are mentioned to boot via incidents, quotations, and pictures. Culturally inclusive and spanning the complete variety of biologists from precedent days to the current day, the entries on ladies and minority biologists specifically articulate many of the stumbling blocks that those biologists overcame within the strategy of attaining their pursuits. This quantity is a perfect source for college kids and common readers drawn to the heritage of biology or the private lives of important biologists.

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When DNA reproduces, it splits apart lengthwise into two strands, and each strand attracts its complementary bases—the other half of the pairs— from chemicals floating free in the cell. In other words, a single-stranded DNA fragment with the base sequence C-A-A-T-G would attract bases that assemble themselves in the order G-T-T-AC. The result is two identical pieces of doublestranded DNA. Berg noticed that if two complementary single strands of DNA touched each other, they would stick together.

At age 19, therefore, Bernard went to work for a pharmacist in Vaise, a suburb of Lyons. Bernard dreamed of becoming a playwright; indeed, he spent so much time writing that the pharmacist finally fired him. When he finally reached Paris and showed one of his plays to the professor of literature at the renowned Sorbonne, however, the professor told him dismissively, “You have done some pharmaceutical work. Study medicine. ” Crushed, Bernard took the professor’s advice. He studied at the medical school in Paris and at the Collège de France, where he met a more encouraging professor, physiologist François Magendie.

Genes proved to be made of DNA, and FRANCIS CRICK, the codiscoverer of DNA’s structure, had suggested that the order in which small molecules called bases are arranged within the large DNA molecule specifies the order in which the cell connects other small molecules called amino acids to make a particular protein. 23 Crick proposed in 1955 that what he called “adaptor molecules,” following the instructions originally specified in the cell’s DNA, attach themselves to different kinds of amino acid molecules and tow them into place as a protein is being assembled.

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