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By Henk J. Verkuyl

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Sentences might pertain to states or methods or occasions. they could show boundedness, period, repetition, frequency, and plenty of other kinds of temporality. How do they do that? Henk Verkuyl provides the following a thought approximately aspectual homes of sentences in traditional languages. A concept of Aspectuality brings jointly the fruit of his considering at the topic over the last two decades, and may curiosity all these engaged on element and the semantics of noun words. It delivers to be a tremendous contribution to our realizing of the topic.

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Example text

1 don't believe it that John has been here in weeks. (46) a. " b. " English in weeks is a polarity sensitive item that needs negation to license it, as does Hindi hhii. This is shown by the fact that the adjoined CP's in (45a) and (46a) are ungrammatical as root clauses. The sentences also become unacceptable when matrix negation is deleted. Note now that negation in these sentences is crucially interpreted in the embedded clause, enabling PSI licensing to take place. 21 The question then becomes why neg-raising is blocked by the presence of a pronominal in (45b) and (46b).

2 non-finite complements, being gerunds, are not of the right category for wh expressions to take scope over them. They are, however, appropriate scope domains for quantifiers. This is shown in (47): (47) a. " b. " The universal cannot take scope over the existential in (47a). This shows that QR of har laRkaa "every boy" to the matrix is blocked, and further, that QR to the complement is possible. This contrasts with (4 7b) which has a direct question interpretation, showing movement of wh from embedded position to matrix Spec.

THE SCOPE OF HINDI WH 19 posItIon, specifically to spec of CP. (1 b) appears to lack such movement but Huang (1982) argued that, in fact, Chinese and English do not differ in that respect. As he pointed out, wh expressions in any language would have to move to spec of CP in order to ensure interpretation since they are quantificational expressions. While this occurs at S-structure in English it happens at LF in Chinese. The difference between English and Chinese, then, is not in the presence or absence of wh movement but in the level at which such movement takes place.

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