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By Marie Bostwick

ISBN-10: 0758222572

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Marie Bostwick weaves the unforgettable tale of 4 very various ladies whose paths move, altering their lives ceaselessly . . . it is a good distance from castle worthy, Texas, to New Bern, Connecticut, but it in simple terms takes an afternoon within the captivating Yankee city to make Evelyn Dixon notice she's chanced on her new domestic. The abrupt finish of her marriage used to be Evelyn's warning sign to get busy chasing her dream of starting a duvet store. discovering a storefront is straightforward sufficient; beginning a brand new lifestyles is not. Little does Evelyn think it's going to deliver a trio like Abigail Burgess, her niece Liza, and Margot Matthews via her door . . . and offended after her mother's demise, Liza threatens to embarrass her Aunt Abigail everywhere city until she joins her for quilting sessions. A sufferer of downsizing on the top of her profession, Margot hopes an occasion hosted through the duvet store can be a nice probability to network-and continue from death of boredom . . . As they sew their specified creations, Evelyn, Abigail, Liza, and Margot shape a sisterhood they by no means sought-but one who they are going to be thankful for whilst the unforeseen presents a poignant reminder of the only thread that binds us all . . . compliment for the Novels of Marie Bostwick Fields of Gold "A touching story"-Patricia Gaffney "Gripping, heartwarming"-Dorothy Garlock On Wings of the Morning "Will set your middle to hovering" -Debbie Macomber

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Her eyes became serious again. “And even if you weren’t reeling from the effects of your divorce, be practical. New Bern isn’t big enough to support a quilt shop. ” i3j Abigail Burgess Wynne eople like me. I’m aware that some might consider this a less-than-humble statement, perhaps even arrogant. But really, humility is an overrated quality, don’t you think? Besides, in my case, it’s true. People do like me. They always have, and if I’d ever harbored any doubts on the subject (though I never really did), they were assuaged last night.

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I like them and I’m the only one I’m looking to please. The way I see it, little earrings are for little girls, and I’m a woman. ” she declared, and then she said it again, just for good measure. Though we’d only known each other for a couple of months, on the day I showed up at class with bags under my red-rimmed eyes, Mary Dell quickly assessed the situation. She insisted on taking me out to lunch after class and listened while I sobbed out my heartache over a pile of extra-spicy buffalo chicken wings.

At my age, beauty is a ship that has sailed; the best one can hope for is to be thought of as handsome, and while I try my best to keep myself up, a little face powder and lipstick is as far as I go. When it comes to makeup and fashion, simplicity is best. My closet is filled with classic clothing of excellent quality—well-cut wool slacks, silk blouses, an array of cashmere sweaters, and, for more formal occasions like this evening, an assortment of black cocktail dresses. Oh, and shoes. Good shoes are a must.

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