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By William R. Scott

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This advisor was once an not obligatory studying fabric for certainly one of my BH sessions. initially I wasn't yes what to make of this advisor, tips on how to use it and what its usefulness is. it is not beneficial for studying Biblical Hebrew and will not do you any solid if that is all you must do. yet it truly is important for parents who are looking to transcend the textual content itself. The extra I learn BHS and the extra i exploit the Masoretic notes and the serious gear, the extra valuable this little booklet turns into. additionally, for an reader, there's a beautiful stable bibliography with a view to dig deeper if desired.
Specifically, it covers verse divisions (soph pasuq, seder, etc.), unique pointing, the Masora (it has short notes at the Masoretes, Masora Finalis, Masora Marginalis -- either Mm and Mp, rationalization of the severe gear and accents. furthermore, there's an index of abbreviations and logos in Mp and an invaluable checklist of Latin phrases utilized in BHS with English translations. For the associated fee it is a good deal and definitely a useful gizmo for the reader.

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Up to 3 servi (mûnah, dargā '). xxx zarqā ' Precedes segôltā '. May be major (POSTPOSITIVE) division of segôltā ' unit or, if rebîa` is major division, comes between rebia ` and s egôltā '. May come between 2 rebîa` in segôltā ' unit. May be repeated for further division. Up to 4 servi (mûnah, 'azlā , mêrekā , telišā ' Group 3: qetannāh) A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS 30 cx May divide zāqēp unit. If rebîa` paštā' (POSTPOSITIVE) divideS zāq ēp unit, it comeS between rebîa` and zāq ēp. May also come between two rebîa`.

Up to 5 servi. Conjunctive Accents of the 21 Books xxx mûnah xxx mehupp āk (or mehuppach or mahpak) xxx mêrckā' (merka, mercha) xxx S dargā' xxx 'azlā' xxx teIîšā' getann āh (POSTPOSITIVE) xxx galgal (or yerah) )9a mêrekā' kepûl āh (double mêrek ā') J xxx mâyelā' (or me'ayye lā') Variant of tiphāh. Marks secondary accent in words with sillûq or 'atnah. 32 A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS NOTE MO' gedôlāh is a small circle above the word with a tail below it slanting to the left. Telîšā ' qetannāh is also a small circle above the word with itS tail slanting to the right.

Usually only one servus. • Last disjunctive before sillûq. ) Divides sinnôr (POSTPOSITIVE) `ôleh weyôrēd unit. Up to two servi. Postpositive position distinguishes from sinnôrît. Distinguished from šalšelet qetannāh by pasēq following the word. Used in second half of verse preceding the two servi of sillûq. Usually has no servus. A SIMPLIFIED GUIDE TO BHS 34 xxx Divides unit ending with 'atnah. dehî (PREPOSITIVE) Up to three servi. Prepositive position differentiates it from tarhā '. xxx pāzēr lxxx mehuppāk Subordinate to rebîa`gādôl, dehî and sinnôr.

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