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By Keli Sipperley

Pop artwork was once the paintings of pop culture. It was once the visible artwork flow that characterised a feeling of optimism through the put up battle client growth of the 1950's and 1960's. Pop paintings was once brash, younger and enjoyable and adverse to the inventive institution. This name will permit scholars to research a number of bills of an analogous occasion or subject, noting very important similarities and variations within the standpoint they characterize.

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6 7 8 Click the Reshape tool. Click the Solid option. Choose a color swatch for your hair color. Click and drag right over your character’s face. Shift‐click the Back a Layer button to send the hair to the bottom layer (behind the head and eyes). Click the hair to select it. Click and drag control points to style your hair. The Pencil tool is better at drawing jagged shapes, like zombie hair bangs! 1 2 Click the Pencil tool. Choose a color swatch. 36 Project 2Animate Great Characters 3 4 Click and drag to start drawing.

Well, Werewoof is definitely headed in the right direction. But with that empty mouth, it’s hardly a ferocious beast. 43 FANGS MAKE THE BEAST When drawing detailed shapes, such as sharp teeth, either zoom in or draw the shape large and then shrink it to size: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Click the Line tool. 7 Click the Duplicate tool, click the first set of fangs, and then drag them to the other side of the snout. Click the Outline option. Click the black color swatch. Click and drag to draw one side of fangs.

GETTING A HEAD START Before starting, take a moment to think about the story you want to tell and the characters who would be the most fun to bring to life. If you don’t have a good idea yet, don’t worry, you can start messing around with a few characters and see where they lead you. edu or open the Scratch 2 Offline Editor. 2 If you are online, click Create. If offline, choose File ➪ New. 3 Name your project. (Online, select the title and type Animation Characters. ) 4 Delete the cat! PAINT A NEW SPRITE 1 Click the Paint New Sprite icon.

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