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Increased polychromatophils (young red cells – see morphology) in the peripheral circulation is the reflection of increased production on routinely stained blood films. ® The first step in differentiating regenerative from nonregenerative anemia is evaluation of the blood film. Whenever increased polychromasia is seen on routine blood films, reticulocyte counts are warranted. Reticulocyte counts of greater than 80,000/µl indicate regeneration. Regenerative anemias are either the result of blood loss or hemolysis.

White cell counts are determined after lysing red cells; failure of RBCs to lyse completely produces falsely elevated white cell counts. – Erythrocytes with Heinz bodies don't lyse; hence, cats with large numbers of Heinz bodies may have falsely elevated WBC counts, hemoglobin measurement and the RBC indices (MCH, MCHC). – Polychromatic erythrocytes are more resistant to lysing and lead to falsely elevated WBC counts. Quantitative Buffy Coat (QBC) Analysis (Figure 3-13) ® Based on differential centrifugation – Under high speed centrifugation, blood separates into plasma, buffy coat and red cells.

The main reason is that when blood loss occurs, iron is lost from the body and iron is needed for hemoglobin synthesis. If blood loss is severe or chronic, iron depletion and/or iron deficiency can occur, resulting in a nonregenerative anemia. The nonregenerative anemia of iron deficiency is often microcytic (small red cell size) and hypochromic (reduced hemoglobin). A description and illustration of iron deficiency anemia is found on page 59. Since loss of blood involves loss of plasma protein as well as loss of cells, blood loss anemias may also have reduced plasma protein, serum protein, albumin, and globulin levels.

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