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Consequences may be anticipated or unanticipated, and anticipated consequences may be either sought or unsought" (p. 319). He adds in a statement, the importance of which will become clear in Chapter 8: " T h e situation consists only of those objects which have relevance in terms of the end-system of the organization: therefore, consequences . . ). Banfield further distinguishes between advantages and disadvantages and calls quantifiable consequences costs and benefits, and others intangibles.

29-39). It seems that Davidoff and Reiner's is a sequential view of the planning process, saying that it must start with value formulation, proceed to means identification and culminate in effectuation. Means identification, then, provides instruments to achieve a stated end. It falls into two parts: the identification of a universe of means consistent with a value. The alternatives identified would be those which were conditions sufficient for achievement of the goal. This is the deductive element of the model, a task which may take the form of identifying all the feasible alternatives, or a finite number, or possibly only one for comparison with existing conditions (p.

Rather, it is a longstanding topic of discussion in the social sciences. There is a long footnote in Politics, Planning and the Public Interest referring to Parsons (1949), The Structure of Social Action. T h r o u g h him there is a link back to the beginning of the century when Max Weber discussed rationality. The merit of Meyerson and Banfield lies in having m a d e this body of thought accessible to planners. One of the aims of P a r t One of this work is to demonstrate the lasting importance of their rational planning model.

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