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Dz. will be 17. dz. zi. zi. ifc. zd. zi. de. tk.. zi. tk.. zi. tk. zi.. dz. Í. de. ez.. dz. zd. is extended t o . / . zl. zd. zl. de. to . I m . zl. de. , producing lOf for . I m . zl. mz.. And thus are found another two numbers with the sum of their squares the same 169; they are lOf and 7f. And thus is shown how it can be done in an infinite number of ways. Comments of Proposition 5 Find two numbers so that the sum of their squares makes a square number which is the sum of the two given square numbers.

2' = s - 1. )2 = 2s - 3. \' =3. \' =1. The result is obtained by summing the colums. 2/2 = 1 4- Í + ^- / + m + n. s^ = 1 + 3 + 5 + · · · + (2s 1). ab.. ab. is used uniformly. Proposition 5 Find two numbers so that the sum of their squares makes a square formed by the sum of the squares of two other given numbers. a. b. g.. Let any other two numbers be found so that the sum of their squares is a square number. de. dez.. dz. de. ez.. dz. gf. or not. gf. de. ez.. g.. dz. dz. g. iz.. t. tk. tk. de..

That is twice the root plus two, results similarly twice the cube plus six times the square plus four times the root. ge. de. dz.. bd. gd. ge.. dz. bd. gd. de.. , bd. ab. bg. ag. bg.. ab. bg. agf. bg. ag. is four. dz. ab. , de.. This is what had to be shown. E. Sigler of all the squares of the given even numbers. By the same way and method again, if consecutive multiples of three are taken in ascending order beginning with three, the triple product of the last of them, the number following it, and the sum of both, equals eighteen times the sum of all the squares of the given numbers ascending by three.

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