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A special manner of gaining knowledge of and constructing the simplest company ideasJack Welch as soon as acknowledged, "Someone, someplace has a greater inspiration. " during this myth-busting booklet, the authors show that groovy enterprise rules don't spring from innate creativity, or unavoidably from the bright minds of individuals.

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54 Lending in China Lending in China can be traced back thousands of years. c. ), which mentions principles governing credit systems at the national level and among private persons. The book also mentions a governmental agency called Quanfu that lent at usurious rates. c. c. 55 For most of Chinese history, there were three major types of lenders: governments, monks in the temples, and private businesspeople, all of whom played important roles in the lending business. The government’s participation in lending dates back far into antiquity.

22 During the Roman Republic (as in Greece), the estate managers were often slaves or hired freedmen who had been released from slavery. By the time of the Roman Empire, serving as an estate manager— at least as an estate manager for a prominent individual—was a more dignified and honorable position. 23 Appianus was an absentee owner of many estates, including one in Arsinoe. A full-time manager by the name of Alypios gave orders to subordinate staff managers (phrontistai), who were each in charge of a unit of the Arsinoite estate.

28 Lending in the early period relied heavily on the reputation of the borrower. Early borrowers were typically required to swear an oath to the region’s patron god or goddess. Furthermore, borrowers were well aware that failure to pay could result in fines for double the amount of the loan and in physical beatings. Considering the pernicious A Privilege of the Power Elite 23 consequences associated with failure to fulfill a covenant, it may be a surprise that there is no evidence for receipts being given to the borrower when he repaid the loan in the early period.

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