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By Freddie Levin

ISBN-10: 0939217430

ISBN-13: 9780939217434

A part of the 1-2-3 Draw Series--Ideal for kids 6-10 years outdated! the area of fairy stories involves lifestyles with the step by step guide of gifted paintings teacher Freddie Levin. With this installment within the 1-2-3 Draw sequence, Levin encourages young ones to create fascinating, whimsical drawings in their favourite storybook characters and settings. Levin's enjoyable, energetic drawings gas kid's imaginations whereas giving directions which are effortless to stick with. short written instructions accompany the stairs, and arrows indicate tough spots which could require additional realization from a tender artist. for extra thought, ultimate drawings are in complete colour.

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Draw in his pointed boots. Now color your figure. His face and hands are shades of pink, and his clothes are shades of brown and gray. Color the patches on his sleeves yellow. MALE FIGURES jumping for joy Not all manga males are grim fighters. This boy, for example, is a gleeful youth, jumping for joy. He’s wearing simple clothing of a T-shirt and jeans, and carrying a backpack, which suggests he’s on his way to or from school. The head is drawn larger in relation to the body, which makes him look younger, and his arms and legs have an elastic quality, which gives a more cartoony feel.

Use this line as the midline for the ear. Introduce some color, using a flat pink for the face and bright orange for the hair. Now add hair. Start from the crown and work in both directions. Outline an area of highlight on the top. Finally, add more detail to the color. Create shade under the chin and under the bangs. There is also an area of shadow in the ear. MALE FACES exasperation You can make your character more masculine by having a wider, squared-off jaw and a broad neck. This face could belong to a muscle-bound hero or villain.

Color her face pale pink, using a darker pink for the flush in her cheeks, in her mouth, and under her chin. Give her blue pupils and a mass of yellow hair. 47 DRAWING MANGA EXPRESSIONS AND POSES icy glare The face here is that of a cold-hearted person, with an icy stare. The dark, narrow eyes and the thin closed lips mean nothing but trouble. The chin is a sharper point than that of most females, which gives a meaner feel to her face, and the cascading black spikes of her hair are almost spider-like.

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1-2-3 draw knights, castles, and dragons: a step by step guide by Freddie Levin

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