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By Steve Barr

ISBN-10: 0939217724

ISBN-13: 9780939217724

I bought this for my 10 12 months previous nephew who loves artwork - it's not too not easy and but it truly is attention-grabbing

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We have to fight together for the sake of our children—for the sake of tomorrow! (to Newt) What do you say to that, friend? As Newt looks up toward Mary Lou, something seen from the corner of his eye catches his attention. The Niffler, a small, furry black cross between a mole and a duck-billed platypus, is sitting on the steps of the bank, hastily pulling the beggar’s hat full of money out of sight behind a pillar. Newt, startled, looks down at his case. ANGLE ON THE NIFFLER, busy shoveling the beggar’s coins into a pouch in its belly.

LANGDON I’ve got something huge! SHAW SR. Your brother and I are busy here, Langdon. Working on his campaign. We don’t have time for this. Mary Lou, Credence, Chastity, and Modesty enter the office. Shaw Sr. and Senator Shaw stare. Credence stands with his head bowed, embarrassed, nervous. LANGDON This is Mary Lou Barebone from the New Salem Philanthropic Society, and she’s got a big story for you! SHAW SR. Oh, she has, has she? LANGDON There’s strange things going on all over the city. The people behind this—they are not like you and me.

Tina forcefully guides Newt through the busy traffic. TINA What are you doing in New York anyway? NEWT I came to buy a birthday present. TINA Couldn’t you have done that in London? They have arrived outside the Woolworth Building. Workers move in and out of a large revolving door.  . Tina moves Newt toward a side door, guarded by a man in a cloaked uniform. TINA (to the guard) I got a Section 3A. The guard immediately opens the door. SCENE 19 INT. WOOLWORTH BUILDING RECEPTION—DAY A normal 1920s office atrium, people milling around and chatting.

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1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Sea Critters: A step-by-step guide by Steve Barr

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